CQI 8 : Layered Process Audit

Certificate Course

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This course will offer you an understanding of LPA (Layered process audit). After completing this course you will be able to create LPA which will impact your KPI (key performance indicators and fine-tune your LPA and also focus on quality checks. Critical success factors for a value add LPA include top management support, communication of value to employees, and impactful audits.

Course content

  • •    Introduction to LPA
  • •    Value of LPA as a management tool
  • •    LPA deployment on the shop floor
  • •    Understand shop floor better
  • •    Conducting the assessment
  • •    Top Management review of the effectiveness of LPAs

Learning Curve

  • •    Understand the benefits of Layered Process Audits.
  • •    Understand how to prepare and conduct a Layered Process Audit (LPA).
  • •  Understand that LPAs are a management tool to ensure and verify that processes and procedures are being followed as intended.


Quality Managers, Quality Supervisors, Quality Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Production Supervisors, Production Leaders, Quality Technicians, Maintenance Technicians, and anyone responsible for making quality improvements will benefit from this seminar.

Pre Requisite

A basic understanding of Layered Process Audits is required.


Offline Price: 14000.00 INR

Online Price: 14000.00 INR

Duration: 2 Days

Study Method: Online/Offline

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