Why QACA Sustainability ?

Sustainability is the ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It's about balancing environmental, social, and economic factors in our decision-making.

Key pillars of sustainability:

• Environmental sustainability: Conserving resources, reducing pollution, and protecting ecosystems.

• Social sustainability: Ensuring fairness, equity, and justice for all people, including future generations.

• Economic sustainability: Building a strong and resilient economy that meets the needs of all stakeholders.

Quality Austria Central Asia Assurance, Testing, Inspection, and Training (ATIC) services can play a crucial role in helping businesses achieve their sustainability goals.


• Sustainability audits and consulting: Assess your current sustainability practices, identify gaps, and develop strategies for improvement.

• Life cycle assessment (LCA): Evaluate the environmental footprint of your products, services, and processes throughout their lifecycle.

• Environmental product declarations (EPDs): Develop transparent reports on the environmental impacts of your products.

• Social compliance audits: Verify adherence to ethical labour practices and responsible sourcing standards.


• Green building inspections: Verify compliance with green building standards and certifications.

• Renewable energy installation inspections: Ensure proper installation and safety of renewable energy systems.

• Waste management facility inspections: Assess compliance with environmental regulations and best practices.

• Supply chain inspections: Trace materials and ensure ethical sourcing practices throughout your supply chain.


• Sustainability awareness training: Train employees on sustainability concepts, best practices, and relevant regulations.

• Green skills training: Equip employees with skills needed for green jobs, such as renewable energy installation or sustainable agriculture.

• Auditor training: Train personnel to conduct internal or third-party sustainability audits.

• Supplier code of conduct training: Help suppliers understand and comply with your sustainability requirements.

By partnering with Quality Austria Central Asia, you can gain valuable insights, implement effective strategies, and achieve your sustainability goals. Remember, sustainability is a journey, not a destination. Continuous improvement and innovation are key to achieving lasting success.

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