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Expediting Project

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In this global world, manufacturing and supply chain processes are becoming more complex and competitive. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly difficult to procure the goods, manage them, and coordinate with various international projects. QACA expediting project inspection services add value to your projects by carefully inspecting the manufacturer's goods and assessing the manufacturing production plants and capacity.

Our team is experienced and trained to help you avoid delays and ensure regulatory compliance. We follow contractual conditions and specifications according to the domestic and international codes and standards.

Our expediting project services have global experience in providing close cooperation with technical and scientific institutions to expedite your industrial projects. We help you reach project milestones to maintain your brand's image and reliability.  

Our experts actively monitor deadlines and manufacturing schedules to assist you in meeting project milestones and ensuring that equipment, materials, and components arrive at the correct location and time. We also assist you in avoiding long capital stock and ensuring the company's dependability and integrity.

Our Services

  • •    Project support and monitoring
  • •    Expediting Visit
  • •    Quality Audits
  • •    Production control
  • •    Progress reporting
  • •    Field expediting
  • •    Project Desk expediting
  • •    Supplier Performance Monitoring

QACA ensures that the project is completed within the required set of deadlines. We work to promptly identify potential bottlenecks and threats to reduce any costly delays and liability penalties.

With our experts by your side, you don't have to worry about meeting your deadlines and missing your expediting goals. We inspect manufacturers and assess manufacturing production plans and capacity using our global network. Our comprehensive expediting services assist you in ensuring on-time final delivery.


ISO 14001 is a globally recognized standard that lays out the standards for a quality environmental management system. It assists firms in improving their environmental performance through more effective resource utilization and waste reduction, resulting in a competitive advantage and stakeholder confidence.


Who Should Apply for the ISO 14001 Certification?

Any organization that wishes to build, upgrade, or maintain an environmental management system in accordance with its specified environmental policy and standards should adopt ISO 14001.

The ISO 14001 standards can be incorporated into any environmental management system to varying degrees. It depends on the organization's business, environmental policy, product and service offers, and geographic location.


Benefits of ISO 14001 (EMS)

  • • Exhibit compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. 
  • • Enhance employee productivity by increasing leadership involvement and engagement of employees
  • • Incorporate environmental issues into business management to aim for strategic business
  • • Integrating a better supply chain to increase environmental performance.
  • • Raise the organization's reputation and brand image by maintaining the confidence of stakeholders through strategic communication
  • • Gain a competitive and financial edge over your competitors through increased efficiencies and business management.


How Can QACA Help You?

A Quality Austria Central Asia certificate verifies that internal corporate processes have been checked and are in compliance with the relevant standard for ISO 14001 standards. Audits are conducted by our certified certification bodies that follow ISO 14001. 

We help you identify the legal requirements for the EMS by defining your environmental policy, environmental aspects, and environmental objectives and targets. In addition, we help you meet the overall scope and implementation of the environmental management system. We ensure that you develop the necessary and optional processes and procedures for your organization's operations.

You can request an audit from us to evaluate your organization's performance based on ISO 14001.


ISO 41001 is a global standard certificate by the International Organization for Standardization that sets forth guidelines for facility management. It follows the same structure as other ISO standards, such as ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety) and ISO 50001 (Energy Management), with the exact core text, definitions, and terms.

The standard aims to help organizations demonstrate efficient and effective FM, pursue consistency when defining FM requirements, and achieve sustainability. It standardizes FM concepts and requirements so that organizations of all kinds can benefit from it.


Who Should Apply for ISO 41001?

It is not sector-specific and intended to apply to all organizations or parts of organizations, public or private, regardless of the organization's type, size, nature, or geographical location.


The Benefits of ISO 41001

ISO 41001's core objectives assist organizations in gaining the following advantages:

  • • Improving worker safety, health, and well-being of workers
  • • Enhancing productivity
  • • Increasing effectiveness and efficiency
  • • Improving communication, especially regarding FM requirements and methodologies
  • • Improving service consistency
  • • FM standardization across all organizational types
  • • Credibility recognized on a national and international scale


How Can QACA Help You?

A Quality Austria Central Asia certificate verifies that internal corporate processes have been checked and are in compliance with the relevant standard for ISO 41001. In addition, our certified certification body conducts audits that follow the ISO 41001.

QACA helps your organization gain the confidence of stakeholders by recognizing various stages and offering comprehensive evaluations and reports.

You can request a certificate from us to evaluate your organization's performance based on ISO 41001.


IATF 16949 is a global standard certification for Automotive Quality Management Systems. The International Automotive Task Force (IATF) members collaborated to develop IATF 16949, then submitted to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for approval and publication. The document is a common automotive quality system requirement based on ISO 9001 and customer-specific automotive sector requirements.

The IATF 16949 standard emphasizes the creation of a process-oriented quality management system that allows for continuous improvement, preventing defects, and reducing variation and waste in the supply chain. The goal is to efficiently and effectively meet the needs of the customers.


Who Should Apply for IATF 16949 (Automotive)?

The IATF 16949 applies to any organization that produces components, assemblies, or parts for the automotive industry. Anyone involved in the production of materials, assemblies or heat treatment, production or service parts, welding, painting, plating, or other finishing services.


The Benefits of IATF 16949 certification

  • • An organization can demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products that meet the customer's needs and applicable statutory, regulatory, and product safety requirements.
  • • Putting the customer first, ensuring that their needs are met consistently, and increasing their satisfaction.
  • • Increase customer loyalty, add new clients, and expand your business by retaining customers.
  • • Improve customer satisfaction by using the system effectively.
  • • Implement systems-improvement processes.
  • • Helps in declaring your goals clearly and looking for new business opportunities.
  • • Expand into new markets, as some industries and clients require IATF 16949 certification before doing business.
  • • Identify and address the risks that your organization constantly faces.
  • • Work more efficiently to increase productivity and efficiency while lowering internal costs.


How Can QACA Help You?

A Quality Austria Central Asia certificate verifies that internal corporate processes have been checked and are in compliance with the relevant standard for IATF 16949. Audits are conducted by our certified certification bodies that follow the IATF 16949.


We also help you with: 

  • • Recognize your customers' current and future needs and expectations.
  • • Connect the organization's goals to the needs and expectations of its customers.
  • • Ensure that customer needs and expectations are communicated throughout the organization.
  • • Plan, design, develop, manufacture, deliver, and support products to meet the needs and expectations of customers.
  • • Process effectiveness and efficiency

You can request an audit from us to evaluate your organization's performance based on IATF 16949. 


Security sTar Agencies Rating Scheme is a voluntary Certification and Rating Scheme for Private Security Agencies. The private security industry (PSI) of India is comprised of over 22,000 Private Security Agencies regulated through the Private Security Agencies Regulation Act-2005 and the Rules as applicable in the jurisdiction. Quality Council of India (QCI), India’s apex quality facilitation and national accreditation body, and the Central Association of Private Security Industry (CAPSI), the prominent organization for security professionals jointly owns the scheme.

Quality Austria Central Asia (QACA) is the pioneer and leading Certification Body that has been approved by QCI to take this quality initiative ahead in the field of Security and certify various PSAs to different levels as per the scheme criteria. QACA is being at the forefront of this scheme and an important stakeholder of this entire value chain.

 As a Certification body, QACA will certify the PSAs and the certified PSAs will have all the necessary requirements that one looks for in terms of credibility while engaging them for security requirements. While certifying a PSA, QACA assesses it on the basis of global best practices, international standards and Private Security Agencies Regulation Act-2005 licensing requirements that are prescribed in sTar agency guidelines.

Certification Levels under the Security sTar Agencies Rating (STAR) Scheme are as follows:

  • Level 1 – One Star – Meeting Compliance Requirements
  • Level 2 – Two Star – Established Compliance Management
  • Level 3 – Three Star – Consistent Operations
  • Level 4 – Four Star – Sustained Performance
  • Level 5 – Five Star – Assured Quality
  • Level 6 – Six Star – Trusted Excellence
  • Level 7 – Seven Star – Professionally Managed Security Operations

The importance of this scheme can be understood by the fact that ‘Government e Market’ place under the ‘Security and Manpower Services’ has mentioned the sTar Security Scheme at the document submission stage recognizing the merits and acceptability of the Scheme. The Scheme has been aimed to enhance the credibility of the PSA. The fact that this certificate is recognised in the national and international market gives tremendous opportunities to the PSA to open up new vistas of business across the globe. Hence QACA strongly recommends PSAs to avail this opportunity and get themselves STAR RATED.

For any clarification, you can go through the Scheme document enclosures or may contact us directly at: or

Kindly, download the registration form and mail us the filled copy for getting a quotation.

For Scheme related documents please visit the following link: