Coal inspection and testing help you mitigate the risk and comply with regulatory requirements. We use advanced laser surveying technology to quantify dry bulk inventory stockpiles, such as coal and petroleum coke. QACA ensures transparency and sustainability in its coal inspection and testing services. We operate and work with accredited laboratories and offices to provide you with the best services for trading and testing.


Our Services

QACA can provide you with a wide range of services, including:


  • • Proximate, ultimate, and the full range of coal, ash, and mineral analysis
  • • Stockpile Measurement Services by Laser Survey
  • • Solid Fuel Testing using Inductively Coupled Plasma - MS (ICP-MS)
  • • Classical wet bench chemistry
  • • Verification of material condition and segregation
  • • Representative testing of samples
  • • Moisture determination
  • • Visual assessment of the quality



  • • Sample collection
  • • Lot sampling
  • • Draft surveys
  • • Stock monitoring
  • • Coal Quality Analysis
  • • Coal Survey and superintending Services



  • • Loading and discharge supervision
  • • Vessel hatches and holds inspection
  • • On-site grading and weighing
  • • Visual checks


How We Work 

  • • QACA provides 3rd party inspection services, accredited by NABCB under ISO 17020.
  • • We undertake sampling and testing of coal at both loading and unloading points.
  • • QACA services are being rendered in the fields of both Power & Non-Power Sectors with an extreme focus on the Safety of Persons.
  • • We serve you with a team of 200 highly skilled and certified Manpower & have 2 NABL accredited Quality Assured Laboratories.
  • • With our comprehensive footprint in coal services at your disposal, extensive industry experience, and client focus, QACA provides you with the support to help you grow your business.
  • • QACA works hand-in-hand with your operations to provide cost-effective solutions to minimize operational and financial risk.


QACA provides independent survey and inspection services in accordance with relevant International Standards.

Contact us to maintain your brand’s image and credibility by ensuring only the best-in-class product leaves the facility.