Why QACA Inspection?

Across diverse industry sectors such as Telecommunication, Oil & Gas, Power, Automotive, Locomotive and Infrastructure, projects are complex. Stakeholders require to be assured of the project being executed in the correct manner. The quality of materials that is used to build the project, the equipment that get installed, the structures and the construction and erection determine the overall reliability, safety, compliance and performance as designed, need to be verified.

Project success is dependent on several crucial factors that include effective use of project fund, project cost, project timelines, suppliers and contractors, it therefore is necessary to have an independent, third party conformity assessment. Such assessment and validations provide confidence to the stakeholders.

Such verification and assessment are supported by observations, tests, measurements, audits or review of reports.

Quality Austria’s Industrial Service reassures stakeholders of the conformity and ensures that the projects are built safe, reliable, adhere to compliance to regulatory or statutory requirements and perform as intended. Our services also provide cost-effective solutions and may provide first or second party verification and assurance.


  • • Precise Results
  • • Minimize Subjectivity
  • • Quality Assurance  
  • • Quantity Verification
  • • Reduce rework
  • • Timely Delivery
  • • Increase Efficiency
  • • Cost-efficiency
  • • Reducing Risk

Services Offering



Water Infrastructure

Building Infrastructure

Road & Bridge

Quality Austria Central Asia regularly conducts third-party inspections, impact assessments, and process evaluations. To carry out these evaluations, QACA collects both primary quantitative and qualitative data for prospective clients through questionnaires administered using IT tools, such as Android devices or tablets, to ensure data accuracy and eliminate the need for manual data entry.

The sectors we cover for on-ground surveys cover sectors of Agriculture, Water, Education, Health, Sanitation, Employment, Energy, Social Services, etc. We have also done some gallop surveys for political parties as well. 

The size and scope of the surveys may vary based on the project's sampling methodology and requirements. We at Quality Austria Central Asia cater to the variety including details of the scope of services, sampling methodology, survey types, size, instruments, project duration, key personnel requirements, and geographical coverage.
We ensure high levels of integrity and security during data collection, data processing, data scrutiny, and data validation etc. of all primary collected data.

Following high-level structure is followed while deploying Surveys

  • • Prepare survey plan as per survey scope
  • • Manage field operations, Identify field investigators, train and build capacity
  • • Manage Human resource engagements and compliances
  • • Pre-test and finalize tools for data collection
  • • Conduct a pilot survey if needed 
  • • Set up IT hardware/software for data collection/management
  • • Conduct survey fieldwork, collect and compile data
  • • Ensure high-quality data management and follow quality assurance protocols