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Cyber Security

 As we progress, the use of digital tools and support systems touches individuals, businesses and governments extensively, enhancing productivity, faster and cheaper communication, entertainment, healthcare, better and organized record keeping, and improving the overall quality and standard of life. With this come a different set of risks and those risks have the capability of causing damage and harm. The pain and costs associated with the threats, both existing and of the future are huge and we need to manage such threats in a proactive manner. We have witnessed some spectacular attacks that include the largest of the companies including Google, Facebook, Microsoft and so many others, we have seen websites of governments being defaced, or data and information compromised, public services interrupted, hospital services immobilized and even individuals embezzled through digital channels. As these threats become more extensive, no one is above the risk of coming under some sort of attack. In order to protect our digital assets and interests, we need to use a proactive approach, introduce best practices, use technology to assist, and improve cyber safe behaviours.    

 Quality Austria Central Asia has recognized the needs for Cyber Security services and provides solutions to businesses through its division “CyberCrocs” that include.    

  • • VA & PT
  • • Managed Services
  • • Digital Forensics
  • • Incident Investigation.
  • • Cyber Security Specialist/Experts
  • • Malware Protection
  • • Application Security Testing
  • • Information security, business continuity and data privacy
  • • Trainings to support above topics