Why QACA Cyber Security ?

In an era of escalating digital connectivity, the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape presents an increasingly critical concern for companies across India.
Cybersecurity is now a paramount priority, driven by new regulations and industry demands. To effectively manage cyber risks and meet stringent governance requirements, businesses are turning to independent third-party organizations for comprehensive solutions.

Quality Austria Central Asia recognizes the multifaceted nature of the cyber challenge in the Indian context, emphasizing the pivotal dimensions of People, Process, and Technology and thus launched Cyber Crocs, which is a division of Quality Austria Central Asia having full-fledged GRC solutions and a fully operational Cyber lab and SOC centre at Noida.

Our array of cyber security & GRC services encompasses an extensive spectrum, ranging from training, workshops, assurance, assessments, and certifications. 
These offerings are designed to empower you to effectively manage and mitigate cyber risks. We specialize in aiding businesses to confront and overcome cybersecurity challenges, ensuring compliance with emerging standards and regulations. Our emphasis extends beyond mere compliance, focusing on fortifying the entire supply chain and meticulously addressing the lifecycle of components, products, networks, and systems.

By providing comprehensive training, assessments, and certifications, we enable proactive risk management strategies at the same time we prioritize equipping organizations with the capacity building training, tools, and techniques.

For any queries or further information related to our services, please feel free to contact us at info@qacamail.com or +9198109 50210. We are here to assist you!