All kinds of organizations and companies use water for various purposes. Businesses today are facing increasing scrutiny of their resource management and environmental impact. Water management has come into the limelight since organizations use water resources for their consumption.  

QACA offers certification, testing, and inspection services to ensure that the company maintains its commitment to sustainable use of water and implements actionable and traceable policies in accordance with water regulatory requirements. 

QACA help its clients in tracking and reporting on their water footprint, uncovering water challenges and risk, ensuring that water quality is maintained, and providing transparent water governance. We communicate with businesses to ensure that ethical business practices for water management are maintained.  

Services Include:

  • • Construction supervision and project management
  • • Quality control and quality assurance of all civil and electromechanical works and related works
  • • Quality control and quality assurance of civil works, headworks, pressure mains, main canal and distributaries including EWE, Banking, CM & CD Works, CC Lining etc.
  • • Third-party quality control and quality assurance of all civil works, pipelines & allied works, hydro-mechanical works etc.
  • • Third-party quality control and quality assurance consultancy for rehabilitation of tank system and implementation of tank safety water supply

How Can QACA Help You?

  • • We assist you in accurately assessing your water management profile and identifying areas for improvement.
  • • We aid in verifying compliance with internationally recognized standards and demonstrate transparency in water management practices.
  • • We assess and monitor water quality at all stages of use.
  • • We assist you in enhancing your reputation and fostering trust among stakeholders ranging from consumers to investors, policymakers, and industry regulators.