Technical Staffing

Technical staffing gives a company the ability to hire quickly, fill short-term positions, avoid bad hires, reduce overhead costs, hire reliable resources, avoid hiring costs, and have access to hidden talent pools.

Whatever the industry sector, we can help provide competent technical resources. Quality Austria Central Asia offers staffing solutions tailored to the needs of businesses. Our solutions include contract and permanent recruitment, payroll and in-country coordination, managed services, and specialist staff. With 13 years of providing resources to companies in India and overseas, we understand your needs
Technical staffing services help you scale up or down your team efficiently as per the project requirements. It allows you to onboard competent persons without incurring recruitment and hiring costs. It will enable you to man short-term projects without creating liabilities of excess staff, hence providing flexibility and scalability. 

Our Solutions

  • • Contractual & Permanent Recruitment
  • • Managed & Payroll Services
  • • Project Management


  • • Cost-efficiency
    The hiring process reduces costs associated with hiring.
  • • Better Control
    Staff provided by us collaborates closely with your in-house team, effectively becoming your own employee.
  • • Scalability and flexibility
    Technical staffing helps you to scale up or down, efficiently. It allows you to have access to talent with the required skills. 
  • • Skill-based hiring
    Technical staff augmentation provides staff with specific skills required for defined durations. 
  • • Freeing up resources
    Technical staffing frees a company from the recruiting processes thus managers can devote their attention to value creation.
  • • Productivity
    Technical staffing provides experienced and competent resources who become productive quickly.
  • • Reduced Risk
    Staffing reduces the risks due to bad hiring, selecting incompetent resources, and risks associated with removal that may include legal issues.

Case Studies

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  • • TVI
  • • Alstom

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