The Power sector has evolved from largely conventional power generation to include renewable power. The huge challenge faced by humanity due to climate change and other environmental concerns has brought pressure upon this sector. How we produce, process, distribute, and use energy while increasing the generation of clean energy is the challenge for this sector. As consumption goes up significantly, there is a need for even greater attention. As consumption goes up significantly, there is a need for even greater attention.

Quality Austria Central Asia helps companies in this sector with solutions that mitigate the challenges of climate change, efficiencies, costs, and environmental concerns. In addition, we have provided Project Management services, Feasibility Assessment, Inspection Services, Testing and Commissioning service, and Operations and Maintenance services.


  • • Reduce overall cost.
  • • Improve safety.
  • • Increase efficiencies.
  • • Prevent tripping of supply and malfunctions. 
  • • Compliance with regulations.

QACA Services

Feasibility Assessment Services

  •  Techno-economic viability/feasibility assessment of the site
  • • Geotechnical Services
  • • Due diligence
  •  Risk assessment
  • • Building Structure Stability
  •  Vendor Assessment/ Survey/ Development


Project Management Services

  •  Project Management
  •  Construction Supervision & Monitoring
  •  Design of Site /Foundation/Tower 
  •  Inspection Services
  •  Contract Governance
  •  Technical Staffing
  •  Welder Certification


Testing and Commissioning Services

  •  Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
  •  Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)
  •  BoQ verification
  •  Individual system and major equipment operation verification
  •  Integrated system operation verification - inspection of high-level failures scenarios 



  •  Site audit & optimisation
  •  Failure analysis
  •  BoQ Validation 
  •  Tower Structural Audit & Maintenance
  •  Critical Site Solutions
  •  Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Case Studies

  1. The Benefit to Passive Infra Companies by RPDI for Class A Items
  2. Due Diligence of location before Solar Installation