The power utility services, one of the most significant markets, are now undergoing its largest transformation. Power utilities are now facing challenges from centralized generation, one-way electric flow systems, and transition to modern and smart-based systems. Power utilities are now innovating to meet customer, environmental, and business challenges.  

QACA offers certification, training, testing, and inspection services to meet your local, regional, and national compliance requirements. We give you access to a global network of professional and experienced experts who serve as a trustworthy single source for all your needs.  

We help you identify the risks and challenges and comprehend the applicable market requirements. We collaborate with utilities and state regulators to identify, define, and develop compliance with relevant safety, performance, interoperability, and security requirements. We can assist utilities in understanding how to customize testing and conformance programs directly for a utility in accordance with the relevant technical requirements.

Services include:

  • • Feasibility Assessment Services
  • • Project Management Services
  • • Testing and Commissioning Services
  • • Operations & Maintenance


How Can QACA Help You?

  • • Improve product safety, reliability, and time to market
  • • Minimize business risk
  • • Improved quality and service continuity
  • • Gain customer confidence
  • • Services aligned to changing business needs
  • • Optimised costs/benefit ratio
  • • Reduced legal, financial, and project risks