Oil And Gas

Production and storage facilities, both offshore and onshore, must be safe and resilient. Oil and gas companies must constantly innovate and invest in new assets with a focus on safety. At the same time, ageing facilities must be managed and decommissioned securely and cost-effectively. If that wasn't enough, all of this had to be done while adhering to strict regulations and environmental concerns. It is critical for oil and gas companies to maintain profitability by improving facility reliability and driving efficient production.

QACA offers certification, testing, inspection, and training services to oil and gas companies to ensure that all regulatory standards are met. Our team of experts identifies and reduces risks to as low as reasonably practical, ensuring minimal risk in the production and supply of oil and gas.

Services include:

  • • Risk Assessment, Risk Analysis, and Mitigation Measures.
  • • Adequacy checking of the pipeline system and optimizing solutions for them.
  • • Intricacies in designing pipeline systems and developing optimizing modelling.
  • • Review of Standard Operating Procedures and aligning with the system.
  • • Process Safety Management Techniques and how to make more effective a system, training in Oil and Gas system.

How Can QACA Help You?

  • • We work with our clients during permitting, risk analysis, design review, and certification.
  • • We support our clients through the construction process to meet rigorous standards and regulations for components and equipment.
  • • Offer a single-source solution for optimizing OPEX.
  • • Work with you from a project's onset to fruition.
  • • Help you achieve full decommissioning under the strictest safety standards while controlling costs.