India has one of the largest rail systems in the world which provides transportation to millions across different segments and transports goods. The Indian Railway is owned and run by the government, which is taking several initiatives to upgrade its aging railway infrastructure and enhance the quality of its service. With the goal to provide a comfortable journey to its passengers Indian Railways is working on producing world-class trains built at optimum costs.
The Locomotive Industry has adopted new manufacturing processes that increase efficiency and improve competitiveness. This novel approach uses a mixed model moving assembly line. It uses the Lean Manufacturing system, and differs from the traditional stationary line, hence allowing for assembly of different train configurations on the same assembly line. The production is dynamic and requires an increase of technical manpower or reduction as per the schedules. The solution for the industry is to outsource activities or to add technical staff on a long- or short-term deployment.
Quality Austria Central Asia has been assisting this industry with such resources over the past several years and extending the service to the contractors in the industry. We are proud to have been part of the Vande Bharat trains, metro trains and the Regional Rapid Transport System trains, which are to connect Meerut to Delhi with semi-high-speed trains. The resources include ones for quality control, industrial engineers covering method, fit-out and processes as well as subject matter experts.
Quality Austria has helped set the quality standards for various projects, assisted in optimising operations, inspect, audited, verify the results and ensure the identified gaps are addressed, analyse feedback, and suggest improvements.


  • • Flexible availability of technical staff.
  • • Customised deployment as per needs.
  • • Availability of subject matter experts.
  • • Cost-efficient model.
  • • Low risks due to the addition or removal of personnel on the projects.

Service Offering

Quality Control:

  1. Incoming Inspection.
  2. Pre-dispatch Inspection.
  3. Resident Engineer. 
  4. Quality Wall 

Industrial Engineer:

  1. Method Engineer. 
  2. Fit-out Engineer.
  3. Process Engineer.

Process Expert: 

  1. Casting Expert.
  2. Lean Manufacturing Consultant.
  3. QHSE Expert Control Plan Assessment. 

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