Food sector businesses have to successfully meet the requirements of national or internationally recognized best practices to convey food safety to their consumers and marketplaces. This is invaluable to any business as it signifies good governance and corporate responsibility.

With increased awareness as a result of recent high-profile food recalls, consumers are demanding that food safety standards be raised throughout the global supply chain. Businesses that become certified under a specific food safety scheme will gain a competitive advantage in the market.

QACA’s range of food safety and quality control services is delivered through experienced professionals having deep domain knowledge and experience. This helps you to mitigate risks by determining the root cause of the problem and identifying areas of improvement in your processes and supply chains.

Food & Beverage services overview :

  • 1)  Management systems certification - Improve your performance through management systems certification
  • 2)  Management systems training - Be better equipped to implement and certify your management system
  • 3)  Supply chain security - Safety and security from A to Z
  • 4)  Hygiene Assurance – To assure the best and safest food reaches the consumer
  • 5)  Inspection Services - ensure that food and food products comply with national and international regulations

Our international standards of food safety implementation services are:

  • • FSSC 22000 Audits
  • • ISO 22000 Audits
  • • ISO 9001 Audits
  • • Good manufacturing practice (GMP) Audits
  • • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Audits
  • • Supplier Audits
  • • FSSAI Schedule IV and Hygiene Audits
  • • Restaurant Audits

How can QACA Help You?

  • •    Improved quality and service continuity
  • •    Gain customer confidence
  • •    Services aligned to changing business needs
  • •    Optimised costs/benefit ratio
  • •    Reduced legal, financial, and project risks
  • •    Consistently help you produce quality and safe  food that meets the specification
  • •    Deliver long-term cost efficiencies by helping reduce the risk of contamination and waste through costly food recalls

The company has expertise in combining the parallel requirements of many of the standards and can cover them effectively through a customized single audit. QACA reduces audit time and operational disruption, as well as delivers savings in both management time and cost.