There has been a growing demand for coal as imports and exports grow globally. With an increasing number of stakeholders-mining, companies, producers, end-users, manufacturers, traders, and finance organizations have a vested interest in the quality and standard of the coal.

QACA provides these various stakeholders certification of quality, inspection, testing, and cleaning services. We ensure that in any transaction where goods are bought and sold- the required quality and standards are maintained to facilitate the transfer of custody of the cargo.

All clients of QACA are expected to receive honest and transparent communication, support, and access to 3rd party audits and on-time results and status updates. With an experience of more than two decades, we provide a holistic global footprint in coal services to help you grow your business internationally.

Services include:

  •  • Third Party Inspection
  • • Sampling and Testing of Coal in Northern Coalfields Ltd. (NCL) & Western Coalfields Ltd. (WCL)
  • • Rendering Services to Power & Non-Power Sectors.
  • • Fair & Authentic Reporting
  • • Timeline Adherence
  • • Certification
  • • Project Management
  • • Risk Mitigation
  • • Grade Analysis
  • • Technical Manpower Staffing

How Can QACA Help You?

  • • All QACA superintending laboratories provide quality assurance.
  • • Our certification accurately represents the product's quality and quantity.
  • • Third-party verification is accepted around the world.
  •  • Capability to obtain large quantities of samples for marketing and research purposes (trial burn, etc.).
  • • Because of our experience in providing superintending services, we can identify and report potential quality issues early on.
  • • Our extensive network and internal systems ensure that certificates are issued on time.
  • • Capability to provide an on-site determination of ash and moisture to aid in cargo assembly.