Built Environment

There has been an essential requirement for quality management in the construction of bridges and buildings. All medium-size or large-size construction companies are now highly concerned with developing and enhancing their quality management systems in the direction of the integrated management system.  

QACA offers certification, testing, inspection, and training services to ensure the safety and credibility of your brand. We help you maintain your reputation and optimize your asset performance. We ensure that different standards and regulatory requirements are met to maximize your return on investment so that you can meet quality and environmental management regulations. Our trained professional personnel can help you optimize organizational productivity and help prevent workplace accidents and illness.

Services include:

  • • Architectural design
  • • Structural design
  • • Electrical design
  • • Plumbing and drainage design
  • • Fire alarm and firefighting
  • • Geotechnical investigation
  • • Topographic survey
  • • Interior design
  • • Bill of quantities
  • • Consultant's supervision• Condition Surveys, Inventorization, Topographical and Hydrological Surveys
  • • Strategic Options Studies
  • • Hydraulic and Drainage Studies
  • • Geotechnical Investigations and Material Survey & Analysis
  • • Social & Environmental Studies
  • • Pre-feasibility, Feasibility, and Preliminary Engineering Studies
  • • Cost-estimates & Tender Documentation
  • • Techno-Economic Studies
  • • Design and Viability of Toll Collection System
  • • Pre-bid services and Post Bid Design services for Concessionaires

How Can QACA Help You?

  • • We provide planning and design services to ensure the viability of your project from the design and procurement stages.
  • • Help with procurement and construction by providing site inspections, building materials testing, project management, and construction supervision to ensure your asset's long-term safety and performance.
  • • Green building certifications are available to help you market your buildings and infrastructure in accordance with leading sustainability standards.
  • • Our inspections and energy performance assessments can assist you in maintaining, controlling, and managing your assets.