An automobile is a highly complex and safety-relevant product. As a rule, defects in production will have serious consequences and cause high costs. To prevent this, the automotive industry is trying to avoid this risk by imposing stringent rules and enormously high-quality requirements on all the suppliers.

The industry works on a principle of zero PPM for Zero KM and zero warranty claims, however certain commodities parts and components are prone to skip of defects, hence based on PPM levels of suppliers and at OEM place, Controlled Shipping Level 1 and Controlled Shipping Level 2 controls are exercised.

QACA carries an experience of more than a decade in Component level Inspection for various Industries. Our trained resources ensure Operational integrity, Impartiality & Reliable outcome along the supply chain. At QACA we have experience in handling more than 60 sites running every year with a pool of 600 resources deployed at the OEM or supplier end as per customer requirements in line with Statutory & Regulatory Compliances.

Services include:

  • 1. Basic Inspection Service
  • 2. Quality firewall
  • 3. Resident Engineer
  • 4. New Launch Support – Inspection
  • 5. New Launch Support – APQP and PPAP
  • 6. Subject Matter Expert
  • 7. Quality Improvement projects
  • 8. Dealership assessments
  • 9. Manufacturing Site Assessments
  • 10. Product and Manufacturing Process audits



Locomotives in India is a growing market due to the huge expansion of the rail networks within India with Indian Railways and Metro Projects PAN India. With increasing demands in industry and being an important transportation mode within the country, the manufacturers of parts and assemblies and grown up in India with Foreign Direct Investments. Today French, Canadian, and German leading manufacturers have huge plants in India to support this growth within India as well as to export components to an outside country.

The industry faces challenges in the supply chain due to project-specific parts manufacturing and not a mass production set up with suppliers.  

For Locomotive, the QACA team is having experience In Product level Inspections, Process Improvement & System implementation stages. We are taking proud to be part of India’s 1st Regional Rapid Transport System (RRTS) project.    

Services include:

  1. Supplier quality engineer
  2. Basic Inspection Service
  3. Supplier Quality Wall
  4. Supplier Resident Engineer
  5. Incoming & Process engineer
  6. Safety officer
  7. Casting, Machining and Paint experts
  8. Quality Improvement projects
  9. Product and Manufacturing Process audits
  10. Welding Experts

Farm Equipment


With the growing demands for food grains production in India, there are many OEMs including MNCs and component manufacturers to meet the demands of the industry.

The major issues they face are quality and volume of production.

QACA supports in performing various inspections and supporting welding specialists. Our trained resources ensure that defects free parts in the supply chain and a prevention mechanism is followed to reduce identified defects. Our team is also having the advantage to support clients for Product validation, Field trials & Product value proposition during the monsoon season across India.

Services include:

  1. Basic Inspection Service
  2. Quality Firewall
  3. Product field trials and validations
  4. Testing engineer
  5. Supplier Resident Engineer
  6. Subject Matter Expert
  7. Quality Improvement projects
  8. Welding Experts



The aerospace industry is engaged in the research, development, and manufacture of flight vehicles, including unpowered gliders and sailplanes, uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs), lighter-than-air craft (see balloon; airship), heavier-than-air craft (both fixed-wing and rotary-wing; see aeroplane; military planes.

With increasing Boeing OEMs and its component suppliers, quality supply is a major challenge in this industry. QACA addresses this by providing quality manpower for performing inspection of parts and various stages from manufacturing to assembly levels.

Services include:

  1. Basic Inspection Service
  2. Quality Firewall
  3. Subject Matter Expert


White Good Industry



With growing demands and supplies, there are challenges within the industry with respect to the volume of production, defects at manufacturing and warranty claims due to quality defects. This industry as well as a challenge pertaining to visual and aesthetics of good.

At present, QACA has also diversified in various sector in which White goods plays a vital role in development. QACA team support client concerns at various levels of interventions such as comfort, convenience, functional losses, appearance & Safety. Our team involvement helps suppliers to graduate as per OEM Quality requirements.   

Services include:

  1. Basic Inspection Service
  2. Quality Firewall
  3. Lot Certification
  4. Quality Improvement projects


Construction Machinery

Challenges faced by OEMs are not lesser than any automotive players in terms of quality of supplies and improvements in the supply chain. Also quality of product deliverable with lesser warranty claims and reliability of equipment's on the field.

QACA team at the Supplier end ensures the Product is shipped without any defects to OEMs. As a value addition, we perform Process audits to ensure defect prevention.

Services include:

  1. Supplier quality engineer
  2. Supplier Quality firewall
  3. Quality Improvement projects
  4. Product and Manufacturing Process audits