Why ISO 21001 Certification is important?

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ISO 21001 is an international standard developed by the International
Organization for Standardization which provides management tools for
organizations that offer educational products and services. It intends to
help educational providers meet students requirements and needs. ISO
21001 is based on ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems, but it
provides a specific framework for educational organizations that aim to
enhance the satisfaction of their learners by improving the educational
processes and ensuring conformity to learners’ requirements.
the standard can be applicable to all organizations that provide a
curriculum for the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes by
means of different lecturing methods.
ISO 21001 focuses on the specific interaction between an educational
organization, the learner, customers and other relevant interested
parties. It is a stand-alone management system standard, based on ISO
9001 (without being a sector application), and aligned with other ISO
management system standards through the application of the High
Level Structure. ISO 21001 provides a common management tool for
organizations providing educational products and services capable of
meeting learner and other customer requirements and needs. It aims to
enhance the satisfaction of learners, other customers, and personnel
through the effective application of its EOMS, including processes for
improvement of the system.

Why is Educational Organizations Management important for

Education is a fundamental need for everyone in society; therefore,
everyone should be concerned with the quality of education delivered
by education providers. However, even though the outcomes cannot be
guaranteed, educational institutions can play a crucial role in ensuring
that learners receive the expected quality of education.
The ISO 21001 certification will enable you to provide educational
services in a more effective and efficient manner, and to offer a more
personalized experience to all learners, particularly to those with
special education needs and distance learners. Moreover, by becoming
ISO 21001 certified, you can demonstrate to stakeholders that you are
committed to improving your educational system.

Benefits of ISO 21001 Certification
The potential benefits to an organization of implementing an EOMS
based on this International Standard are:
 better alignment of educational mission, vision, objectives and
action plans
 Improve your education system
 inclusive and equitable quality education for all
 promotion of self-learning and lifelong learning opportunities
 Enhance the reputation of your educational institution
 more personalized learning and effective response to special
educational needs
 consistent processes and evaluation tools to demonstrate and
increase effectiveness and efficiency
 increased credibility of the educational organization

 recognized means to enable organizations to demonstrate
commitment to education management practices in the most
effective manner
 a model for improvement
 harmonization of national standards within an international
 widened participation of interested parties
 stimulation of excellence and innovation

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