Why do organizations need IRF trusted mark?

IRF Trusted mark

The IRF stands for the international retail forum. 

The IRF trusted mark was scheme launched for the retailers who need to bring more transparency in their manufacturing practices and improve the product quality. It aims at providing standard manufacturing practices and assures customers about the safety and quality of the product.

The main purpose of this scheme was to aware customers buy products only from the brands which are into standard practices.  

For example: bureau of India sets certain guidelines for different industries to assure an improved quality of the product. In the same way, food industries were required to implement HACCP( Hazard analysis and critical control points) to ensure that the food product which is spelled by the retailer is not contaminated with any pathogenic strain of bacteria. 

The food industries practising these HACCP standards were certified with this trusted mark. 

IRF trusted Mark covers different segment relating to health and wellness which includes:

  • Food and dairy products
  • Heath and fitness including gym supplements
  • Salon and spa
  • Skincare and makeup products
  • Accessories including jewellery. 
  • Restaurants
  • E-shops
  • Complex. 

Importance of IRF trusted mark in business. 

  • IRF trusted mark is a seal that ensures your product credibility. Customers’ trust can only be gained if you have a stamp of this trusted mark. It helps you stand out in the market. It increases your product acceptance in the market. 
  • The quality of your product is increased and it signifies how religiously you are trying to match the standard manufacturing practices. 
  • You can only be in competition if you have a trusted seal by the BIS. 

Now, you can you get certified with the IRF trusted mark? 

The certified bodies run an audit check every five years in which they run a proper quality check of your products. 

If your product quality matches the standard quality, then you are eligible to get certified by the national accreditation board of certifying bodies. However, this whole certification procedure may stretch up to a year.
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