Time Management


With good time management skills one is in control of one’s time and life, of one’s stress and energy levels. This makes progress at work easier. One is able to maintain balance between work, personal, and family lives. Time Management gives enough flexibility to respond to surprises or new opportunities.


1 Days


  •   Costing Your Time – Understand the real value of your time.
  •   How Good is your time management
  •   Activity Logs – Know where your time goes.
  •   Prioritization – Making best use of your time and resources.
  •   The Urgent/Important Matrix – Using time effectively, not just efficiently
  •   Action Priority Matrix – Making the most of your opportunities.
  •   Effective Scheduling – Bringing your workload under control.
  •   Backward Goal Setting – Using backward planning to set goals
  •   In Flow – Maximizing productivity through improved focus
  •   The Art of Concise Conversations
  •   Managing Interruptions


  •   Enhanced performance
  •   Increased productivity

Who should attend?

  •   Managers who are responsible for key results
  •   Employees who are to be future leaders/ managers