Stress Management Training


Stress, or to be more accurate pressure, is an unavoidable part of everyday life, meaning different things to each of us. You only have to pick up a newspaper, read a magazine, watch television, listen to the radio or walk into any High Street bookshop and see the many books written on the subject of stress, to realize that we perceive it to be a big problem. Stress is much more recognized than it used to be, we have become very aware of the potential negative impact of stress on our health. Yet despite all of this information and wealth of knowledge, the subject of stress still remains vague and not very well understood. There are also many myths about stress that are not accurate and this further confuses the subject.


1 Days


  •   Define Stress
  •   Recognize the signs in ourselves and in others
  •   Adopt strategies for handling stress positively
  •   Eliminating Stress from the Physical Environment
  •   Identifies key causes of stress: – Lack of Control, conflict, fear, lack of support
  •   Mind over Matter: Six Mental Techniques for Handling Stress
  •   Personalities most prone and what can be done
  •   Prescription for Success


  •   Understand the study of stress and its impact.
  •   List tactics for successful time management.
  •   Explain how to prioritize and determine what is really important.
  •   Demonstrate techniques for interacting with difficult people.
  •   Employ physical and mental techniques for coping with stress.
  •   Create reachable goals.
  •   Begin implementing goals created during the session.

Who should attend?

  •   All Employees
  •   Executives
  •   Anyone who wishes to learn how to manage stress