Selling Skills


Being able to sell is an essential skill at every stage and level of business. We need to be able to persuade prospective customers to buy our products or services. We also need to be able to sell ourselves to financial investors, and your vision to your shareholders or team. This guide will show you some effective techniques to help us become more successful at selling. Deals, or sales, rarely fall into our lap. We have to win them. Fortunately, in order to be successful, we do not need to turn ourselves into the archetypal over-pushy, foot-in-thedoor salesperson.

This programme provides insight into the essentials for enhancing Selling Skills.


2 Days


  •   How to use the consultative sales approach
  •   How to build up credibility and “likeability” from your prospect
  •   How to elicit your prospects needs and desires
  •   Enhance your questioning and listening skills
  •   How to use body language and non-verbal communication to your advantage
  •   How to understand the motivations of your prospects
  •   Techniques of how to get to that “YES”
  •   How to overcome objections and excuses
  •   How to get your point across without the waffle
  •   How to build effortless rapport with your prospects
  •   How to make that positive first impression
  •   Building trust with your prospects and how to do this


  •   Have a confident and effective sales team
  •   Increased business
  •   Have brand ambassadors of the company
  •   Enhanced and long term customer relationship

Who should attend?

  •   All Employees who are a part of Sales Team