Presentation Skills


This programme provides insight into the essentials for enhancing Presentation Skills. The program also addresses the ways to develop skills to make an effective presentation. The programme highlights essential elements and some tips on preparing and organizing a successful presentation. It also delves into audience psyche and their expectations of a Presentation.


2 Days


  •   Presentation – Key to Sales (What is selling?)
  •   Customer- centric Selling (What customer really want?)
  •   Preparation & Planning for Presentation – why, who, where, how long?
  •   Presentation Style
  •   Body Language
  •   Voice & Pronunciation
  •   Physical Presentation (How would you like to be perceived by the audience?)
  •   Introduction – self, audience, topic, objective, outline
  •   Opening the presentation – Creating ‘Interest’
  •   Making the presentation
  •   Concluding the presentation
  •   Common Problems – Tacking difficult audience
  •   Presentation Tips


  •   Have a confident and effective sales team
  •   Increased business
  •   Have brand ambassadors of the company
  •   Enhanced and long term customer relationship

Who should attend?

  •   Sales Personnel