HR Skills


Overwhelmingly complex work environments the world over have made it mandatory for the modern manager to possess a repertoire of skills to take head on the varied complex challenges in an increasingly unpredictable global business environment. This is all the more necessary as an ever-increasing number of Indian organizations are very busy either buying up organizations abroad or setting up greenfield ventures. The need for a good set of HR skills becomes central to this change process. While HR has now acquired a status of its own, a large number of organizations in the manufacturing, IT and even service sectors are bringing into focus and putting in place a variety of HR `interventions’ to give a definite meaning to the dignity and role of each employee.
They are also going the extra mile in establishing a firm link between the organization‟s goals and objectives on the one hand and those of individuals on the other.


2 Days


  •   Putting HR into context in modern organizations
  •    The evolving role of HR as a ”business partner”
  •   Changes to work attitudes and the psychological contract
  •   Counseling and Mentoring
  •   Human capital management
  •   Integrated performance management
  •   The “Talent War” in recruitment
  •   Policies and procedures Training and development
  •   Performance management
  •   Pay and reward


  •   Better HR practices leading to :
  •   Increased productivity
  •   Improved employee morale
  •   Better work culture

Who should attend?

  •   Newly appointed HR practitioners, from all industries
  •   All those wishing to extend and update their knowledge in the basics of HRM and Human Resource Development (HRD).