Goal Setting & Team Work


Goal setting are an important tool for managers since goals have the ability to function as a self-regulatory mechanism that acquires an employee a certain amount of guidance. In business goal setting has the advantages of encouraging participants to put in substantial effort. However, in today’s world, Goal Setting is much more than writing something down, setting a date and working towards that end. In order to make the success or achievement as lasting value, the person must become something different in the process and should be more open to exploration and growth.

Teamwork is becoming more commonly used and widely accepted as way to increase productivity in the workplace. In the 21st century, as people are becoming more sophisticated and society is becoming more technically advanced, working as a team makes it easier to accomplish goals. Companies today want people who are team players, people who are able to get along with their colleagues and work together in a cohesive group.


1 Days


  •   Goal – What & Why?
  •   Setting SMART Goals
  •   Goal-Setting Theory
  •   I-Change Model
  •   Teamwork for achieving a common goal
  •   Forming-Storming-Norming-Performing Model
  •   Tannebaum & Schmidt Continuum
  •   8 Steps for better teamwork


  •   Enhanced motivation
  •   Increased productivity
  •   Better involvement of people
  •   Improved employee morale
  •   Better work culture

Who should attend?

  •   All employees