Developing Leadership


While leadership is easy to explain, leadership is not easy to practice. Leadership is about behavior first, skills second. Good leaders are followed chiefly because people trust and respect them, rather than the skills they possess. Leadership is different to management. Management relies more on planning, organizational and communication skills. Leadership relies on management skills too, but more so on qualities such as integrity, honesty, humility, courage, commitment, sincerity, passion, confidence, positivity, wisdom, determination, compassion, sensitivity, and a degree of personal charisma.

The old-fashioned view of leadership is that leaders are marked out for leadership from early on in their lives, and that if you’re not a born leader, there’s little that you can do to become one. However, the modern view is that through patience, persistence and hard work, one can be a truly effective leader, just as long as one makes the effort needed. Today companies have realized that it is important to develop leaders for the company to attain exceptional success.


2 Days


  •   Leadership Styles
  •   Life Span Cycle
  •   Conflict Management
  •   Performance Management
  •   Feedback Style
  •   Personal Motivation
  •   Networking
  •   Seeing the Big Picture
  •   Interpersonal Skills
  •   Problem Solving & Decision Making
  •   Succeed


  •   Better leaders in the organization
  •   Enhanced motivation
  •   Increased productivity
  •   Better involvement of people
  •   Improved employee morale
  •   Better work culture