Corporate Ethics and Value


Business does not operate in vacuum. Firms and corporations operate in the social and natural environment. By virtue of existing in the social and natural environment, business is duty bound to be accountable to the natural and social environment in which it survives irrespective of the demands and pressures upon it, business, by virtue of its existence is bound to be ethical, for at least two reasons: one, because whatever the business does affects its stakeholders and two, because every juncture of action has trajectories of ethical as well as unethical paths wherein the existence of the business is justified by ethical alternatives it responsibly chooses.


1 Days


  •   Corporate Ethics – what
  •   Evolution of Corporate Ethics
  •   Why Corporate Ethics
  •   Corporate Ethics – issues
  •   Corporate Ethics and Values
  •   Corporate Ethics Policies
  •   Implementation of Corporate Ethics & Values


  •   Better work culture
  •   Employees will be able to align their value to the company’s values system