Six Sigma Black Belt


Six Sigma is an accelerated performance improvement method and the business strategy rapidly spreading throughout corporate world. It began as common measurement system and goal for process performance has turned into a proven means of gaining market share.

It is being adopted by world’s most respected companies which have recognized six sigma as the tool to improve the capability of their processes to satisfy customer need, improving their processes to satisfy customer need, improving their earnings, shareholders returns and many more benefits.


10 Days


  •   Six Sigma Overview
  •   Logical cause testing
  •   Project Team and Charter
  •   FMEA
  •   SIPOC
  •   Quantifying opportunity
  •   VOC & CTQ
  •   Lean concepts
  •   Types of Data & Sample Size
  •   ANOVA
  •   Introduction to Minitab Software
  •   Hypothesis Testing
  •   Measurement System Analysis
  •   Regression Concepts
  •   Special Causes & Common Causes
  •   Design of Experiments
  •   Stratification Methods
  •   Idea Generation
  •   Quality Function Deployment
  •   Solution evaluation
  •   Confidence level
  •   Change Management process


  •   Customer Satisfaction
  •   Improve Productivity
  •   Enhanced Top Lines
  •   Enhanced Profitability
  •   Reduce Operating Costs
  •   Improve Market Share
  •   More Return on Investment

Who should attend?

  •   Quality professionals
  •   Persons working in ITES (BPO & KPO)
  •   Persons who aspire to be a quality professional