Lean Management/Manufacturing


World over customers are expecting much better quality, more customized variants. Just –in – time delivery, shorter lead time, freedom to order in small quantities. Complying with these expectations is crucial for any organization to be competitive. Lean Management enables a company to establish a sense of direction and create corporate objectives. Implementing lean systems enables a company to eliminate processes that do not offer value and track improvement via a set of reliable metrics. This form of management allows company executives to have a clear picture of what is working correctly for the company and what areas are in need of changes.


2 Days


  •   Introduction to Lean Management.
  •   Manufacturing Challenges & Business View.
  •   The Science & Philosophy of Lean Management.
  •   Principles and Practices of Lean Management
  •   5 Components of Lean Thinking
  •   Lean Benefits
  •   Value Stream Mapping
  •   Pull System
  •   Poka – yoke (Error Proofing)
  •   Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)


  •   Implementing Lean Management principles and practices will ensure increased market share, revenue growth, and increased margins and improve return on investment

Who should attend?

  •   Persons responsible for quality and process improvements
  •   Consultants who wish to provide assistance to companies on Lean Management Quality and Process Improvement Professionals.