Documenting a Management System


Integrated and well-written procedural documents allow an organization to stipulate best practice methods for all business activities. This course offers straightforward methodologies for developing:

  •   A management system manual (policy document)
  •   Procedure (text, flow chart, matrix, and visual methods)
  •   Supporting documents (forms)


2 Days


  •   Documentation
  •   Management Systems Structure
  •   Control of Documents
  •   Policies and Objectives
  •   The Apex Manual
  •   Flowcharting and Process Mapping
  •   Developing Procedures and Work Instructions


  •   Have a comprehensive documentation of your management system
  •   Have a user friendly documentation
  •   Better implementation of the management system

Who should attend?

  •   Personnel who have the task of preparing some of all of the organization’s management system documents
  •   Executives who want to ensure that management policies are effectively implemented.
  •   Personnel who need to establish procedures for their own work area.
  •   Personnel who are establishing methods for controlling document issue and distribution.