CMMI Training


Capability Maturity Modeling and the value it can bring to organizations using a CMMI model. It also describes an approach to model-based process improvement and provides some recommendations on how to initiate and sustain a process improvement initiative within an organization based upon the SEI’s IDEAL model. These models and approaches are pragmatic applications of proven management and quality improvement concepts for product development, acquisition, and maintenance. They are de facto standards developed and owned by the product development community and are models for organizational improvement.

The course is composed of lectures with ample opportunity for participant questions and discussions. After attending the course, participants understand the language, rationale, and approach of CMMI-based process improvement. Participants learn how process improvement can benefit them and their organizations by learning how other organizations have realized their business objectives by pursuing process improvement.


1 Days


  •   What is CMMI?
  •   What is Process Improvement?
  •   What are the costs/benefits of process improvement?
  •   How to get started
  •   How to sustain process improvement


  •   Understand the relationship between business objectives and process improvement
  •   Understand the potential benefits of implementing process improvement
  •   Gain a top-level understanding of CMMI
  •   Understand the basic concepts of the IDEAL approach to process improvement and how to implement it

Who should attend?

  •   Executives and managers
  •   Potential sponsors of process improvement
  •   Champions of process improvement
  •   Potential process improvement practitioners