Business Process Reengineering


Business process reengineering (BPR) is a management approach aiming at improvements by increasing efficiency and effectiveness of processes. In other words BPR is technique to help organizations fundamentally rethink how they do their work in order to dramatically improve customer service, cut operational costs, and become worldclass competitors. It is basically the fundamental rethinking and radical re-design, made to an organization’s existing resources. It is more than just business improvising. It is an approach for redesigning the way work is done to better support the organization’s mission and reduce costs. Leading organizations are becoming bolder in using this technology to support innovative business processes, rather than refining current ways of doing work.


2 Days


  •   Business Process Re-Engineering – Overview
  •   BPR within an organization
  •   Origin & Key Characteristics of BPR
  •   BPR Strategy
  •   Targeting the customer
  •   How to implement a BPR project
  •   Modeling the business process
  •   Analyzing the business process
  •   Redesigning the business process
  •   Rolling out the re-engineered


  •   Transform the way people work
  •   Improve organizational efficiency
  •   Improve service delivery and customer satisfaction
  •   Reduce costs & increase profitability
  •   Increase productivity

Who should attend?

  •   Managers who are responsible for key results
  •   Business analysts
  •   System analysts
  •   Members of organizations who lead or participate in projects that involve simplifying, improving, restructuring, modeling or reengineering key business processes.