5S is included within the Kaizen system of running a business. 5S is a method/Japanese concept for organizing a workplace, especially a shared workplace (like a shop floor or an office space). It focuses on having visual order, organization, cleanliness and standardization. This builds a clear understanding among employees of how work should be done. It also instills ownership of the process in each employee. The key targets of 5S are workplace morale and efficiency.


1 Days


  •   What is 5S
  •   Elements of 5S – concepts, steps to be followed, practical examples & benefits
    •   Seiri – Sorting
    •   Seiton – Systematic arrangement
    •   Seiso – Shine or Cleaning
    •   Seiketsu – Standardizing
    •   Shitsuke – Sustaining or Self disciplining
  •   Advantages of 5S


  •   Zero changeovers bring product diversifications.
  •   Zero defects bring higher quality.
  •   Zero waste brings lower costs.
  •   Zero delays bring reliable deliveries.
  •   Zero injuries promote safety.
  •   Zero breakdowns bring better equipment availability.
  •   Zero complaints bring greater confidence and trust.
  •   Zero Red ink brings corporate growth.

Who should attend?

  •   Quality personnel
  •   Production Supervisors
  •   Operators