SHA (Site Health Audit)

Site Health Audit is a proactive, systematic and, wherever possible, independent examination to determine whether activities and related results conform to planned arrangements and whether these arrangements are implemented effectively.

Site Health Audit is performed at sites:

  •   To ensure the condition of Infra equipment whether is as per company standards (BOQ) or not.
  •   To ensure whether the PM done at site by AM & Technician is as per timeline.

Site Allotment done on the basis of:

  •   Higher ageing
  •   Higher outage minutes
  •   Higher tenancies
  •   Critical customer like TTSL, Vodafone & Uninor

Process of SHA performed:

  •   Site allotment is done by respective circle BE.
  •   Site planning is done & shared with concerned VIOM personnel.
  •   Planning is shared in field (AM & SAM) to confirm their availability.
  •   Opening meeting is done at circle to make aware the circle team regarding the process carried out throughout SHA.
  •   QACA quality engineers visit the site as per schedule, which they communicate to AM one night before audit (in case of any deviation in plan same is communicated to respective AM & BE)
  •   QACA quality engineer perform SHA at site as per check sheet & guide line approved from VIOM.
  •   Punch point is marked if any deviation from check sheet standard is found. In case the Punch point can be rectified at the moment is communicated to AM for rectification & is marked as rectified in check sheet.
  •   After audit, DPR is provided to concerned AM, SAM, Infra Lead, O&M manger, Circle BE & Corporate BE & BE dept. Head.
  •   Site wise individual presentation is provided along with check sheet (in excel format) & Thermal report of site.
  •   After all sites SHA closed, a composite presentation is made & closing meeting is done in respective circles & also in corporate office with O&M & BE Team.