ISO 50001 is a global standard certification whose primary goal is to provide the efficient use of an Energy Management System. Like some other common ISO standards, the standard is based on a management system model of continuous improvement.

The certification requires a company to develop an energy policy, set goals to meet the policy, use data to meet the goals, measure policy effectiveness, and continuously improve the policy.

Adopting ISO 50001 is critical for establishing a more systematic and sustainable approach to energy management within a facility. When you comply with the standard, it demonstrates that your organization has implemented a sustainable energy management system.

Who Should Apply for ISO 50001?

The standard provides organizations, ranging from large retailers to smaller manufacturers and small businesses, with the opportunity to become more resilient to energy costs and availability.

The Benefits of ISO 50001

  • • Enhanced tender opportunities by demonstrating your environmental credentials.
  • • Helping organizations gain external credibility for their energy-saving efforts.
  • • Provides a better understanding of the relationship between predictable energy demand and supply
  • • Increasing profitability while minimizing energy costs
  • • Recognizing and managing the risks associated with your future energy supply.
  • • Measure and monitor energy consumption to determine where efficiency can be improved.
  • • Enhancing overall performance by reducing energy consumption and costs.
  • • Reducing carbon emissions while meeting government desired goals.

How Can QACA Help You?

A Quality Austria Central Asia certificate verifies that internal corporate processes have been checked and are in compliance with the relevant standard for ISO 50001. In addition, our certified certification body conducts audits that follow the ISO 50001

You can request a certificate from us to evaluate your organization's performance based on ISO 50001. 



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