It is a standard that has complete guidelines for self-assessment of the heat treatment process & system. The main objective of the assessment is to prevent the occurrence & reoccurrence of quality issues related to the heat-treatment process for continual quality improvement.

The current edition is 4th published on 10th June 2020 by AIAG.

Course Content

  • •    Introduction and Overview
  • •    Assessment procedure of Heat treatment system
  • •    Assessor Requirements
  • •    SECTION 1: Management Responsibility and Quality Planning
  • •    SECTION 2: Floor and Material Handling Responsibility
  • •    SECTION 3: Equipment Handling training
  • •    SECTION 4: process Audit
  • •    Process Requirement Tables
  • • Ferrous items (carburizing & carbonitriding, quenching, tempering, Austempering, Martempering
  • •    Induction heat treatment for ferrous items
  • •    Annealing, Normalizing & stress reliving
  • •    Low pressure carburizing, hardening, carbonitriding
  • •    Sinter hardening
  • •    Ion nitriding
  • •    Hot stamping(dry contacting hot stamping)

Learning Curve

  • •   Understand the scope of the Heat Treat System Assessment
  • •  Prepare to conduct an assessment of a heat treatment system in order to ensure it provides for continual improvement, emphasizing defect prevention and reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain.


All team members involved in the heat treatment management system would benefit from this seminar.

Pre Requisite

Basic knowledge of heat, energy & heat mass transfer systems will be an advantage


Offline Price: 7500.00 INR

Online Price: 6000.00 INR

Duration: 2 Days

Study Method: Online/Offline

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