Water Infrastructure

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Water is essential for maintaining an adequate food supply and a productive environment for the human population and for other animals, plants, and microbes worldwide. As human populations and economies grow, global freshwater demand has been increasing rapidly. In addition to threatening the human food supply, water shortages severely reduce biodiversity in both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, while water pollution facilitates the spread of serious human diseases and diminishes water quality.

Water infrastructure refers to a broad term for systems of water supply, treatment, storage, water resource management, flood prevention and hydropower. The term also includes water-based transportation systems such as canals.

Our Services:-

  • • Construction supervision and project management
  • • Quality control and quality assurance of all civil and electromechanical works and related works
  • • Quality control and quality assurance of civil works, headworks, pressure mains, main canal and distributaries including EWE, Banking, CM & CD Works, CC Lining etc.
  • • Third-party quality control and quality assurance of all civil works, pipelines & allied works, hydro-mechanical works etc.
  • • Third-party quality control and quality assurance consultancy for rehabilitation of tank system and implementation of tank safety water supply

QACA performs inspection services using sound judgment, experience in field background, thorough documentation, standard procedure, and effective communication. We follow regulatory and quality standards to work safely and efficiently, enabling the project to be done in the scheduled time.