Conditions for use of Marks and Logos

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1 The use of accreditation mark for QA is based on the governing document which is controlled by Austria. This is sent along with each certificate to the client and is standardized worldwide. The control over this document is with Austria directly. Any change in this document is communicated by them. In all the cases of BMWfw accreditation, Austria would send across the specific logo with the specific standard and certificate number on the logo which is to be used by the client, this is in a BIT map image. Assist Manager Planning JPEG Image
2 QACA will use “Conditions for Use of Accreditation Mark” (Logo) of NABCB as criteria for monitoring proper use of the NABCB accreditation mark and QACA’s registration mark. If the client would prefer to use a mark other than the standard QACA registration mark, they must submit it to the QACA office for written approval and follow the same guidelines as the QACA registration mark as outlined below: Director Conditions for Use of Accreditation Mark
2.1 QACA may use the NABCB accreditation mark only in conjunction with its own mark on its certificates, stationery and literature associated with its accredited registration activities Assist Manager Planning Proposals
2.2 A registered client may use the NABCB accreditation mark only conjunction with QACA’s registration mark on the client’s stationery and literature. This is controlled by way of communication in the “Conditions for Use of Accreditation Mark” document and also by physical observation by the team of QACA during audits or visits or various advertisements All Concerned
3.1 QACA Logo comprises of three colours Red, White and Black. Red – R 215, G 49, B 49, (Code D73131) for Q Background and Succeed with Quality; White – R 255, G 255, B 255 ( Code FFFFFF) for Q and Background (In case Background not transparent); Black – R 23, G 23, B 23 ( Code 171717) for Organization name Director
3.2 The NABCB accreditation mark shall be reproduced: in Font: Arial True type(bold); Color Circle – Cyan 80% Magenta 30%; Triangle and Outline – Black 100%; Black & White: Circle- Black 40%, Triangle and Outline Black 100%. This follows as stated in Appendix A and Appendix B of BCB 202-feb 2000 and that on a clearly contrasting background. Also, the IAF logo is being used on the NABCB accredited certificate, the same concept is applied ie logo not larger than QACA logo, colour scheme same as that given by NABCB. Director
4 When using the NABCB accreditation mark, its size must not exceed the size of QACA’s registration mark. Director
5 A client may not place the NABCB and IAF accreditation mark in isolation from QACA’s registration mark. Director
6 The NABCB and IAF accreditation mark shall not be used by QACA on any document unless the document relates in whole or in part to registration activities of QACA, which are accredited under the NABCB Program. This shall not prevent QACA from including the accreditation mark on its preprinted letterhead paper. Director
7 Neither QACA’s registration mark, IAF Logo nor the NABCB accreditation mark shall be used on a product or in such a way as to suggest that QACA and/or NABCB have certified or approved any product, process or service of a registered client, or in any other misleading manner. Though management system certification mark can be used on product packaging.

For ICMED: It would be ensured that the certificate is used only with reference to specific manufacturing facility. Accordingly the Certification Mark shall be put on the product (also refer Labelling guidelines) carrying reference to the supplies made by the certified manufacturing facility and will carry the following information as minimum:
a) Certification Mark (Under certification mark, QACA’s identification by way of its accreditation no. as given by NABCB, and certificate no. will be marked)
a) QACA Logo (Optional) Certification mark will be put only on the products included in the scope of certification as mentioned on the certificate issued by certification body.

It will be ensured that the applicants are not misusing the certification mark.

8 Its is ensured that QACA shall not permit its marks to be applied to laboratory test, calibration or inspection reports, as such reports are deemed to be products in this context. Director
End of Procedure
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1 Conditions for Use of Accreditation Mark QACAPL/IND/AM Three yrs
2 Certification Mark JPEG Format