Process for handling of request for information

Process Step No. Process Description Resp. Forms
1 Request for information may be received from any company / individual through Email, web-site, phone and in writing National Sales Head
2 The request will be forwarded to the concerned department, as applicable. Director
3 The concerned person will check whether the information requested for violates the confidential requirement or not. In case it does the requestor will be intimated accordingly. In case it does not than the information will be shared , as asked for. The type of information could be any of following:

  • a. Information related to certified organizations
  • b. Certification Process
  • c. Use of Logo and Mark
  • d. General information on the fee charged
Head of Department
4 To send your query related to information on certified organization, please click on following link or paste it in your browser:
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5 To get a proposal / quote please click on following link (or paste it in your browser) and fill-in requisite details:
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6 QACA can be contacted at:
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7 Information available at web site are :

End of Procedure
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