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The SAT, which stands for the "Scholastic Assessment Test," is an entrance exam for students wishing to enrol in undergraduate programmes at institutions outside their home countries, particularly the US and Canada.

SAT is a written, paper-and-pencil test that assesses applicants' language and quantitative reasoning abilities. Additionally, the institutions you apply to may examine your SAT results when evaluating your application for admission.

Higher education institutions use it, along with candidates' grades from high school, letters of recommendation, and extracurricular activities, to judge applicants' aptitude.

The SAT is conducted seven times a year at various intervals. Nearly all nations allow specific centres to provide at least five tests each year.

According to the updated SAT exam pattern, it is a three-hour test with two sections (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing [EBRW] and Mathematics). The SAT exam has scores that range from 400 to 1600.


Benefits of SAT Online Test Series 

Provides beneficial practice: Students can benefit from the beneficial practice that the online SAT test series provide by taking them before an exam. By working through practice exams, students may solve problems more quickly and identify weak areas.

Effective time management: Students can estimate how much time each subject will require in the exam with practice tests. As a result, students can better understand how much time to allocate to theoretical and numerical issues.

Clear doubts: As they complete the SAT test series, students can mark the questions they are unsure about so that professors can clarify them. This guarantees that students will be completely confident when they appear for the SAT exam.

Provides a sense of the actual exam: Through test series, SAT students can become accustomed to the format of the real exam. These practice exams are administered in a minimally stimulating environment to assess students' understanding.

Follow your progress: With each QACA online SAT test series you complete, you can keep track of your grades. You can find out if you have improved your score significantly or fallen short on a certain occasion.




  • • Designed by the experienced and leading faculty for the SAT Exam.
  • • Questions designed as per the latest trends and patterns of SAT examination
  • • Detailed feedback and evaluation by our experts
  • • Insightful analysis of your weakness and strengths
  • • Online test series to help SAT aspirants give the mock tests from anywhere
  • • Flexible test schedule
  • • In-depth analysis of the questions to understand where you have erred.
  • • Compete with thousands of other SAT aspirants and know where you stand
  • • Reasonably priced for all students
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The main purpose of the QACA online test series is to help students perform better in the final SAT examination.

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