Live webinar on Understanding the New Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023 by Quality Austria Central Asia & Tsaaro Consulting

The Digital Personal Data Protection Bill of 2022 has officially become the Digital Personal Data Protection Act of 2023. This Act is now in effect and governs the processing of digital personal data in India, regardless of whether the data was originally collected in digital or non-digital format and subsequently digitized.

This legislation is designed to bolster data protection and accountability for entities & businesses that handle citizens’ data. It aligns with global data protection standards such as GDPR.


Some highlights of the Bill

• The Bill will apply to the processing of digital personal data within India where such data is collected online, or collected offline and is digitized.  It will also apply to such processing outside India if it is for offering goods or services in India.

• Personal data may be processed only for a lawful purpose upon consent of an individual.  Consent may not be required for specified legitimate uses such as the voluntary sharing of data by the individual or processing by the State for permits, licenses, benefits, and services.

• Data fiduciaries will be obligated to maintain the accuracy of data, keep data secure, and delete data once its purpose has been met.

• The Bill grants certain rights to individuals including the right to obtain information, seek correction and erasure, and grievance redressal.

• The central government may exempt government agencies from the application of provisions of the Bill in the interest of specified grounds such as security of the state, public order, and prevention of offenses.

• The central government will establish the Data Protection Board of India to adjudicate non-compliance with the provisions of the Bill.

The DPDP Act, 2023 is poised to exert a substantial influence across a spectrum of organizational domains. This encompassing act extends to critical areas such as legal, IT, human resources, sales and marketing, procurement, finance, and information security. Given the substantial quantity and nature of personal data being collected, stored, processed, retained, and disposed off within India, it becomes imperative for organizations within these sectors, as well as those closely related, to formulate robust data privacy implementation strategies in response to the DPDP Act, 2023.


The objective of this webinar is to provide attendees with a comprehensive overview and a high-level understanding of the Digital Personal Data Protection Act (DPDPA) 2023. We aim to shed light on the bill's importance in the current digital landscape and its implications for individuals, businesses, and organizations.


This one-hour webinar will cover:

  • •  Understanding the DPDP Act 2023
  • •  What are the impacts and benefits of complying with the new Act? 
  • •  Understand our rights and responsibilities under this new law
  • •  Step for operationalizing & some key challenges for technology practitioners with a focus on AI
  • •  Data Fiduciary Obligations: Navigating Responsibilities.
  • • GDPR & DPDP Bill: A Comparative Analysis.

Who should attend

This webinar is useful for privacy practitioners, consultants, advocates, privacy professionals, and anyone who is interested in learning more about DPDPA. 

Key roles that will benefit from this webinar include individuals responsible for:

  • • Quality 
  • • Information security
  • • Data protection
  • • Privacy
  • • Business continuity and quality
  • • Operations management
  • • Supply chain management


For further information and registration please fill out the registration form or email at

Date/Time: September 28th, 03:00 pm to 04:00 pm (IST) 

Speakers Profile:


Col Sunil Kapila, (Retd) CTO

Col. Sunil Kapila is the CTO of Cyber Crocs a division of Quality Austria Central Asia, he is a subject matter expert in areas of Cyber Security, Data Privacy, and Protection. He carries more than 35 years of experience in Cyber Security Strategy, Governance, Security Operations, and Threat Intelligence with stints as Vice President of Engineering and head of Security Solutions with brands like Tata Advanced Systems, and Wipro Technologies.

Krishna Srivastava, Director, Tsaaro

Krishna is a cybersecurity expert with prior experience in risk consulting and data privacy compliance. He has assisted some of the largest conglomerates in the world in BFSI, IT services, and the e-commerce industry with their network and cloud security programs. Besides his hand on experience in the field, he has numerous industry-standard certifications to his name which include ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, OneTrust Certified Privacy Professional and Azure (AZ-900), and AWS Security Fundamentals. At Tsaaro, he heads all cyber security compliance projects and is responsible for scaling corporate partnerships.
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