Telecom towers are the integral part of the telecom network infrastructure. In fact they are the most expensive to build and the valuations are heavy. The business has outgrown itself so much, that most of the companies have hived off the tower business as its own identity.

Sharing of infrastructure, passive as well active is beneficial for all parties involved as it brings along significant operational as well financial savings, thus enabling the companies to minimize duplication of efforts & costs and improve profitability.

Mobile network penetration increasing day-by-day therefore demand for telecom towers also increasing explosively. Quality is becoming an issue as manufacturers increasingly outsource production needs. Owners, operators, investors, insurers and manufacturers, all require project expertise, conformity assessment, inspections and certifications.

Services include:

  • PDI/ Shop Inspection
  • Vendor Assessment
  • Technical Analysis ( Concrete/structure)
  • On-site Inspection Services/ Acceptance Testing (AT)
  • Inspection during manufacturing
  • Certification
  • Safety Audits
  • Process Audits


  • Avoid risk linked to quality and safety problems with supplies.
  • Reassurance of an independent assessment.
  • Confidence to use supplied items thanks to detailed reports and certificates.
  • Cost-effective way to verify Quality Assurance/Quality Control organization of suppliers.
  • Skilled personnel with relevant experience and qualifications at your service.
  • Meet required specifications
  • Minimize down-time.
  • Avoid loss and liability