Service and Retail

If your company is involved in the services sector, in fields such as healthcare, finance and insurance, tourism, etc., we can help you implement effective risk management and performance optimization of your operations, through periodical inspections according to regulatory or voluntary requirement.

In today’s competitive marketplace, retailers face new concerns for brand image and quality as pressures continue to increase from reduced product cycles, changing regulatory requirements, and lower price-points. Our services can help you meet your goal.

We can also accompany you to get your systems and processes certified for such standard as ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environmental care) or many others schemes.

By providing you with the appropriate inspections and audit services throughout your supply chain, we can help you to minimize the risk of recalls, returns and complaints, protecting your brand and equity.

We can help you monitor all health & safety risks related to your facilities: we provide periodic verification services of your stores and offices to check compliance with regulations covering electricity, fire safety, etc.

We can help you by performing tailor made audits for customer service, physical appearance of outlet etc to have third opinion on services and facilities maintenance.

QACA industrial, Training and certification services along the food supply chain can help you implement the right processes to monitor the level of quality and hygiene of the food products you sell, particularly for fresh and frozen food marketed under your retail brand.