Technical Advisory

Business Challenges

Whether investing in an existing plant or developing a completely new one, owners, operators, investors, insurance companies and developers have to understand and mitigate all the risks before deciding to proceed with a project. Project risks which might affect the project’s profitability in the short, medium and long term usually originate during the initial stages of development.

There can be time when project get hindered due to some technical issue due to which cost, schedule etc. get affected.


Our experienced consultants has the extensive engineering, scientific, regulatory, product and project management expertise to implement the right compliance strategies, solve and circumvent customer, product, manufacturing, supply chain and process issues, and address your business risks.

  •   Structural Analysis
    Our experts can gather data of old structure. Analyze the data and estimate the residual life of structure and where retrofitting required.
  •   Laboratory Setup Services
    Our experts can advise in setting up of Civil and Mechanical Ground and mobile Laboratories our scope of work can be Supply, Delivery, Erection, Installation/ Commissioning of Laboratory Equipments and can even provide training to personnel on handling the equipments & lab
  •   Supply Chain Services
    In our global economy, products and parts are being produced wherever that is most favorable and then shipped to their final destination. Industrial producers in all markets want to offer the best possible quality for competitive prices. This requires the best possible parts and raw materials for the best price-quality mix, which drives an ever-increasing need to have more control over the supply chain. Our services helping our customers to control the input of their processes. We help producers to assess their suppliers, supervise during production and keep track of delivery schedules, we physically inspect and check quality and quantity of deliveries and we test samples. In cooperation with other QACA lines of business, we can even physically check during all stages, from winning, via production and transport to consumer.
  •   Technical Issues
    Our experts can help in resolving any type technical issues and will provide the best solution for the problem.
  •   Valuation of Immovable Property
    Immovable property is same as real estate which includes all the land or acreage that the buildings set upon as well as the structures or buildings themselves. Furthermore, it also considered as “real property” as opposed to personal property. With the help of our team of experienced professionals, we provide exact valuation of immovable property services to our clients. They help to evaluate the value of the building and its amenities as well as the worth of the land.