Surveying & Geotechnical Investigation

Before planning any type of construction related project, the Topographical & Contour Survey is the foremost and essential step. Planning of the project comprising the designing of the foundations, which necessitates the need for Geotechnical Investigation, is the second foremost step.

Further, on conducting above steps if the soil strata are found week for accepting heavy load then pile-foundation may require for ‘ground-treatment’. Again, for evaluation of ground water the Hydrographic tests are required. The Geo-physical Investigations are required to know bedrock quality and overburden thickness, fracture, fault, weak zone identification, determinations of dynamics properties of soil etc. Above is required for a safe and economical design of the foundations.


QACA offers a wide array of surveying services to meet the needs of clients. We provide:

1. Topographic and Contour Surveys

Topographical survey forms a very important and vital operation for all projects. Project activities generally kick starts with topographical survey. It is the measurement of the site from dimension, direction and elevation point of view.

Our services include –

  •   Site Survey
  •   River Survey
  •   Route Survey
  •   Alignment Survey
  •   Contour Map
  •   Geological Map

2. Hydraulic & Hydrographic Survey

It is the branch of surveying which deals with any body of still or running water such as a lake, harbor, stream or river. Hydrographic surveys are used to define shore line and under water features. All hydraulic surveys are different and at QACA we provide general survey requirements for the design of waterways, irrigation surveys, urban storm drains, small earthen dams, and roadside erosion.

Our services include –

  •   Hydrographic Survey
  •   Hydraulic Survey
  •   Tide Measurement
  •   Current measurement
  •   Wave Measurement
  •   Water & Sediment Samples

3. Wind Measurement


Geotechnical exploration is the characterization of the subsurface material of the project site. It is the assessment of the strength of the sub-surface horizons under loaded conditions. Geotechnical investigation, more commonly known as ‘SOIL INVESTIGATION’ is required to obtain bearing capacity of soil and determinations soil parameters required for designs of foundations for various kind of projects such as: —

  •   Highways project
  •   Bridges
  •   Residential, Commercial, office Buildings
  •   Industrial Projects
  •   Power Projects, Hydroelectric Power Project
  •   … And many more

Our services include –

  •   Soil Investigation