Shop Inspection

Business Challenges

Any purchase carries embedded risk. In most industrial sectors, large construction projects involve the purchase of a vast number of items supplied by various manufacturers. Quality and safety are a priority for these projects. Therefore, it is of vital importance to check the quality of every single item at many stages, no matter how small it is. These components range from raw materials to finished products.. If a part is substandard and the fault is not detected, the risk becomes embedded within the new asset.


QACA Inspection involves inspecting items at their place of manufacture before delivery. This is the most convenient and cost-effective way to determine whether a product, service, process, piece of equipment or installation complies with expressed needs, customer expectations, applicable regulations or other specific requirements. Shop inspection can include design review, review of material certificates, visual inspection, Non Destructive Testing (NDT), attendance, supervision or performance of mechanical or functional tests.


  •   Risks linked to Quality and safety problems with supplies can be avoided.
  •   Independent assessments provide reassurance.
  •   Detailed reports and certificates secure confidence in using supplied items.
  •   Services are a cost effective solution to verify the Quality Assurance/Quality Control of suppliers.
  •   Skilled personnel with relevant experience and qualifications are at your service.