Pre-Dispatch Inspection Companies

Pre Dispatch Inspection companies

Business Challenges

For the dispatch of industrial products, exporters and importers want to assure that products meet quality standards, as well as agreed technical specifications and quantity specified in the contract. Proof of compliance with these items demands a professional Pre-Shipment Inspection by an independent inspection and verification company.


Pre-Dispatch Inspection (PDI) is the inspection of industrial export goods by an independent inspection company. This assures correctness to the agreed quality and quantity, and is conducted in most cases prior to shipment, and in the country of exportation. Pre-Shipment Inspection is conducted after the manufacturing of goods has been completed, meaning that the full or partial (random) inspection of the goods can be carried out to check for compliance within contractual specifications. QACA comes in top Pre Dispatch Inspection companies in India.

The Pre Dispatch Inspection is concerned with the quality and quantity of the product; Pre Dispatch Inspection may include following activities:

  •   Visual Inspection
  •   Dimensional Inspection
  •   Witness Test
  •   Documentation Review
  •   Packing and Marking
  •   Container Stuffing Supervision


  •   Validation of the effectiveness of the QA process.
  •   Prevent recalls, customer complaints and associated costs.
  •   Mitigation against shipment of non-conforming product.
  •   Give reassurance both to the retailer and manufacturer that shipment will meet the required standard before leaving the factory.