Construction Management and Supervision

Business Challenges

Professional supervision of construction works is a prerequisite for the successful completion of a project in terms of time, quality and cost. Investors/Owners want to be sure that the investment realization conforms to technical documentation, agreed price and time, and regulations and valid standards. It should also be in accordance with the construction permit.Moreover, investors want to ensure that all documents, certificates and declarations are completed and issued correctly.


As an independent third party, QACA Industrial Services has specialized personnel and procedures to control and supervise construction processes.

QACA carries out independent and impartial examination, verification, validation and assessment on behalf of clients to ensure that systems and products are designed and constructed according to specification requirements. QACA performs audits, site and production assessment visits, monitoring or witnessing of activities, including safety and quality functions and reporting.

Construction managers operate as the “eyes and ears” of the client during construction projects. Often, this includes keeping an eye on the design; facilitating community outreach to mitigate impacts during construction; overseeing document preparation, bidding, and contracting; managing contractor performance; and performing inspections of the ongoing and completed work for compliance with all project, contract, and client requirements. All work is performed under the direction of a highly qualified, experienced construction manager.

Services offered are as follows:

  •   Site supervision in accordance with legal construction requirements
  •   Continuous contractor supervision
  •   Non-destructive testing supervision
  •   Delivered documentation supervision
  •   Technical and legal consulting
  •   Project Control and Management


  •   Facilitates continuity of project beginning to end
  •   Enhances public outreach
  •   Promotes practical and cost-effective construction techniques
  •   Provides early warning of potential problems or delays
  •   Maintains efficient cost and schedule control
  •   Assigns an advocate to ensure that the project is built to your desires
  •   Reduce technical risks.