How ISO 45001 Helps Keep The Workplace Safe From Flu’s Like COVID-19

Dreading the idea of going to work because of the fear of the coronavirus?Wondering how to keep your workplace safe from flus like COVID-19?Worried about protecting your employees from the coronavirus?

As the world grapples with the impact of the COVID-19, there are growing concerns among employees regarding their safety and wellbeing. ISO-45001, the paramount benchmark in occupational safety and health issues provides comprehensive answers to all your concerns and questions.

ISO 45001 provides detailed solutions for the proper management of OH&S occupational health and safety management system at the workplace. Along with better safety and lesser hazards, it helps to keep your workplace safe from pathogens and viruses.

Follow these easy steps to help you safeguard the health and safety of your human resources during these difficult times. 

ISO 45001 experts recommend this simple checklist for your OH&S systems.

  1. Risk Assessment: First start by conducting a clear and realistic assessment of the threat of the outbreak on your organization.  
  2. Action Plan: Based on the risk evaluation, create an action plan to protect the business and its organization and its supply chain from the threat.
  3. Review: Conduct an in-depth review of your organization’s policies, procedures, and processes, to gauge the effective response to possible emergencies.
  4. Communicate: Educate your workforce on the causes of the virus and provide adequate training on preventive measures. If needed circulate a list of Dos and Donts for better emphasis. 
  5. Revise: Revise travel arrangements to mitigate the risk of the virus through unnecessary travel plans. 
  6. High-risk targets: Identify high-risk employees including older employees, and those with immunity problems. Conduct daily health checks and screening of employees to ascertain the actual threat. 
  7. Be proactive: Remain updated with the dynamic situation. And take proactive measures including work from home, social distancing, and complete lockdown if needed. 

Your human resource is your most precious resource. Give them the confidence of ISO 45001 to come to work in these difficult times. Get in touch with us to understand how we can help your organization become ISO 45001 certified.

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