sTar Rating

sTar Rating

Security sTar Agencies Rating Scheme is a voluntary Certification and Rating Scheme for Private Security Agencies. Private Security Industry (PSI) of India is comprised of over 22,000 Private Security Agencies regulated through Private Security Agencies Regulation Act-2005 and the Rules as applicable in the jurisdiction. Quality Council of India (QCI), India’s apex quality facilitation and national accreditation body, and the Central Association of Private Security Industry (CAPSI), the prominent organization for security professionals jointly owns the scheme.

Quality Austria Central Asia (QACA) is the pioneer and leading Certification Body that has been approved by QCI to take this quality initiative ahead in the field of Security and certify various PSAs to different levels as per the scheme criterions. QACA is being at the forefront of this scheme and an important stakeholder of this entire valuechain.

As a Certification body QACA will certify the PSAs and the certified PSAs will have all the necessary requirements that one look for in terms of credibility while engaging them for security requirements. While certifying a PSA, QACA assesses it on the basis of global best practices, international standards and Private Security Agencies Regulation Act-2005 licensing requirements that are prescribed in sTar agency guidelines. Certification Levels under the Security sTar Agencies Rating (STAR) Scheme are as follows:

Level 1 – One Star – Meeting Compliance Requirements
Level 2 – Two Star – Established Compliance Management
Level 3 – Three Star – Consistent Operations
Level 4 – Four Star – Sustained Performance
Level 5 – Five Star – Assured Quality
Level 6 – Six Star – Trusted Excellence
Level 7 – Seven Star – Professionally Managed Security Operations

The importance of this scheme can be understood by the fact that ‘Government e Market’ place under the ‘Security and Manpower Services’ has mentioned the sTar Security Scheme at the document submission stage recognizing the merits and acceptability of the Scheme.The Scheme has been aimed to enhance the credibility of the PSA. The fact that this certificate is recognised in the national and international market gives tremendous opportunities to the PSA to open up new vistas of business across the globe. Hence QACA strongly recommends PSAs to avail this opportunity and get themselves STAR RATED.

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