SQAS(Safety and Quality Assessment System)


  •   more safety in logistics relating to dangerous goods thanks to joint responsible action
  •   showing how good aspects relating to safety, environment and quality are implemented and improving the implementation of these aspects even more

Motivation and benefits

The SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment System) is an instrument for a consistent assessment of quality, safety, health and environmental management system of logistic services.

SQAS surpasses the requirements of ISO 9000 and covers all the valid regulations and management principles for transport and logistic services in its Catalogue of Questions.

All the relevant quality, safety, health and environmental aspects are examined and assessed at the review. This results in a strength and weakness profile of the organization and a confirmation of the completed procedure. Then specific measures for optimizing the system can be derived. SQAS serves to objectively identify / assess the actual state with the aim to intensify and improve the partnership between the client and contractor.

Target group

  •   providers of transport services
  •   organizations that transport, store, trade with or clean liquids or solid matter for the chemical and petrochemical industries or similar industries, are certified acc. to ISO 9001/14001 and would like to focus their activities on customer benefits


The guidelines include clear hints for providers of transport services and assessors as to what requirements must be met so that the respective question can be assessed positively.

The SQAS Catalogue of Questions is based on a series of standardized catalogues of questions and assessment catalogues for the different operations within a distribution chain (e.g. road transports, cleaning tanks). Each of these catalogues has several questions and has a modular structure.

The SQAS Catalogue of Questions

The categories of the Catalogue of Questions include the following items:

  •   management
  •   safety, health and environmental protection n securing
  •   supply chain management
  •   equipment
  •   precautionary safety mannerism
  •   securing transport
  •   processing of orders and disposition
  •   special transport services
  •   facilities/inspection
  •   instruction manual

The core questions must be answered by all the logistics providers. The special modules for the individual transport processes will only have to be answered if these activities actually are carried out:

  •   road haulage (for road transport)
  •   cleaning stations (for cleaning tanks)
  •   SQAS Chemical Distributors (haulage contractors, no separate equipment)
  •   rail (for rail transports)
  •   SQAS Marine Bulk Ships CDI-M (for sea transports)
  •   SQAS Tank Storage Terminals CDI-T (for tank storage terminals)

Other Relevant Standards

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SCC, SCP, SA 8000,BS ISO 45001 : 2018